Where to shop?

Eternal question. But there is light on the horizon.

Search ethnic areas of your city. There will always be a grocery, and these local shops have the advantage of being much cheaper for spices and vegetables than larger companies.


Bilbao / Bilbo:

1. JAVID ALIMENTACION (c/san francisco)

Pakistani grocery in calle San Francisco (if you come from Plaza Zabalburu, you will find it on your left before reaching Hernani st).


You will find it in calle Hernani itself.

These shops have all the basics but the assortment is nowhere near of that in London for example. Some of the Moroccan shops in San Francisco street also carry some basic Indian ingredients.

  1. Carnicería y Alimentación Anar (c/iberia)

Situated in calle Iberia, you will only find African and Latin products on the front of the shop, the Indian stuff is somewhat hidden in the back. Ask the shop assistant if you need any help.

Barcelona, Madrid and other cities in spain:

1. Barcelona: El Raval

2. Madrid: Lavapies

There are also many in Logroño!

INTERNET shopping:

1. SPICES OF INDIA (UK) www.spicesofindia.co.uk

They send packages of up to 30kg to Spain for £ 16, and apart from India & Pakistan, they also carry a lot of ingredients from other Asian countries. They have nearly EVERYTHING.

If you order on Monday, you can even get fresh stuff, as the package arrives within one- two days to Bilbao.

This is the cheapest and most reliable online shop that I have found, if you know any other, let me know.



1. C/Iturriza “locutorio” (the best!!)

The supermarket in Iturriza is really very good and well-stocked. Everything you need and more. Tofu, vegetables, fresh herbs. Also frozen stuff and all kinds of noodles & flours, sauces, tea …
Warning: you can get REALLY carried away shopping here!

2.C/ Hurtado de Amezaga.

Less variety than the one in Iturriza but sometimes you can find fresh vegetables etc that the other shops don’t have at the time.

I hope you found this list useful, and if you know of any other good shops let me know in the comments!

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