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No Txilis??

Hi, I am Bawa, welcome to my blog on Indian cooking, food, recipes, spices, and kitchen bits and pieces.
Wait a minute… aki no txilis?? Well folks, this used to be my little tease to my friends in Spain when they would come to dinner prepared for hell’s flames… Urban legends and your local Indian-looking chophouse aside, Indian food is SpicY but not necessarily HoT (unless, of course, you like txilis like… ehem… my Spanish friends!).

Hence, cooking and eating with Bawa collects family recipes and foodlore from my ancestral home in North-West India. Also, my own fusions with Spanish and Basque cuisine and some Asian touches.
As my Basque husband enjoys eating and drinking even more than cooking, I also report our experiences in restaurants affordable to our (limited) pockets. We focus mostly on Northern Spain but with some getaway or other hither and thither.
The recipes are bilingual, in Spanish and English, but the spice entries are mainly in Spanish, as there is a lot available already in English in books and the internet.